Poinsettia Sale


October 1- 31, The Bell Center will be selling 8″ potted Poinsettia plants available in Red, White or Pink.

$18 each

Pick up date: Monday, December 5, 8am-2pm at The Bell Center

2 ways to place your order this year, online or the traditional paper method.


Online order instructions:

  1. Complete poinsettia order – The online maximum order per plant color is 10.   If you are ordering more than 10 plants per color you will need to make multiple transactions OR pay by cash or check (payable to The Bell Center) delivered to The Bell Center.
  1. Complete payment details
  1. You MUST complete the last information box:                                                                                                  A. This purchase was made in support of – drop down box with options                                                 B.  Fill in Person Supporting with name
  1. All orders placed online must be picked up on Monday, December 5, 8am-2pm by the person who made the online purchase.

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