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The Ambassadors are young professionals interested in assisting with our mission by fundraising and creating awareness for The Bell Center. Ambassadors attend meetings where they learn more about The Bell Center, social events where they can network and meet other young professionals, and host fundraising events that benefit The Bell Center. If you’re looking for a fun way to help a great cause, the Ambassadors may be the answer!

For more information about The Bell Center Ambassadors, please contact Kelly Peoples.

2013-2014 Bell Center Ambassadors

Maggie Bolin Edited
Maggie Bolin
Anna WilliamsEdited
Anna Williams
Melanie Kern Edited
Melanie Kern
Veronica Wilson Edited
Veronica Wilson
Andrew Merrell Edited
Andrew Merrell
Marketing Coordinator
Rebecca Freeman
Rebecca Freeman
Membership Coordinator
Brandon Bowling Edited
Brandon Bowling
Lindsay Brigham Edited
Lindsay Brigham
Ashley Culwell Edited
Ashley Culwell
Jeremiah Culwell Edited
Jeremiah Culwell
Adam Gann Edited
Adam Gann
Natalie Giesen Edited
Natalie Giesen
Trey Hamre (No Photo)
Evanne Holloway Edited
Evanne Holloway
Emory Horne Edited
Emory Horne
Jennifer Kulbersh Edited
Jennifer Kulbersh
Jack Little Edited
Jack Little
Laura Millsap Edited
Laura Millsap
Miriam Patterson Edited
Miriam Patterson
Sarah Romano Edited
Sarah Romano
Sarah Stevens Edited
Sarah Stevens
Jonathan Wells Edited
Jonathan Wells